Blood Spider Orchid

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Commonly known as the Blood Spider Orchid, Caladenia
filifera is a species of orchid endemic to the Wheatbelt and Jarrah Forest regions. It
flowers from September to October in well drained soils high in the landscape. The
deep red of this species captivated me, and pairs so nicely with softer tones of lilac
and pink. This work picks up on the magenta colours in Vase of Canola.

Oil and mixed media on canvas. 300 x 300mm

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Eclette x The Dust Merchant

Inspired by scenes from the Wheatbelt; Canola in bloom, fields of everlastings in
yellow, pink and blue hues, delicate gum blossom and dainty springtime orchids.
The Dust Merchant collection was designed to celebrate not only the characteristic
aspects of the Wheatbelt (think expansive fields of yellow Canola and paper daisies
growing on the roadside), but also to highlight the little knowns aspects of the
biodiversity in the Wheatbelt.