Bohemian Blue Salad Bowl

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Inspired to create a modern interpretation of the traditional uses of blues and whites in ceramics, Angus & Celeste introduces the newly designed Bohemian Blue Dinner Set. To create this modern take on the tradition of blue and white ceramics, Angus & Celeste have used a vibrant and striking Klein Blue to bring the Bohemian Blue design to life. This fascinating blue was created by the artist Yves Klein who collaborated with Edouard Adam, a Parisian art paint supplier whose shop still operates today, to create the International Klein Blue colour. Klein’s interest in mystical ideas, notions of the infinite and the undefinable inspired the creation of this vibrant blue. Klein’s use of a single tone of blue has been viewed as an attempt to free the viewer’s mind from imposed ideas to allow their imagination to soar. The Bohemian Blue design was created with these concepts in mind to bring life, conversation, and curiosity to the dinner table. Utilising Angus & Celeste’s classic organic shaped tableware, the Bohemian Blue Dinner set will make a beautiful and bold statement on any table that food is shared and enjoyed. The Bohemian Blue Dinner Set Range can be combined to compliment any plain coloured plates you may have. Buy in pairs and collect the whole set over time. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


Dimensions: 19.00 x 24.00 x 24.00 (H x W x L)
Weight: 1.20