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Meet the complete and broken butterfly earrings from the Brave range.

These are to represent that we are all beautiful, and we are all fragile.  It's our transformation process and the painful cocooning that people don't always see behind the smiles, the beauty, and the celebrations.

Yes, even those we see as strong, solid souls are fragile thanks to a storm or two.

 These beautiful stud earrings can be worn in two ways, depending on the feeling you want to create.

Wear them as a broken butterfly in separate ears, or side by side in one ear to make the complete butterfly.

They are designed to have a funky, asymmetrical look - a bit like life at times, really.

Be sure to take a photo wearing them, and tag us on insta, so I can celebrate the glorious butterfly you are.


Made from either 925 Stirling silver, or 18K plated gold with hypoallergenic studs.

Half butterfly wings on each separate stud.