Brave - Star & Moon earrings

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All about aiming for your heart's desires with bravery, these come from one of my all-time favourite sayings to be featured in the Brave collection.

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land amongst the stars."

The sky is the limit, so let's aim really high with our hopes and dreams, and take some bold, brave action in going for them.

These beauties come as a twin set, where you can mix and match to create some fun. One moon, two stars, one star, two moons, however your creative heart desires to mix things up.  Or keep it even.  It's entirely up to you

These are designed to be funky little pieces, perfect for daywear, or even at night when you're rocking a bigger statement piece elsewhere in your outfit, and just want a touch of night sky magic for your heart and soul.

Star & Moon earring  set details

Made from 925 Sterling silver and 18k gold plated metal, they have a hypoallergenic stud and come in a set with two stars, and two moons.