Chakra Clearing Mist

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Each Chakra Clearing Mist is specifically blended and infused with each chakras specific balancing crystal along with each chakras balancing aromatherapy needs.

All crystals are reiki blessed and moon cleansed prior to infusion. 

  • Can be used as a meditative tool by simply misting your meditation space before settling in.
  • Can help to clear a space or your own energy by misting your face or space.
  • Can be used as a toner by misting your face after cleansing and massaging in or by spritzing a makeup removal pad and massaging face.
  •  Cleanse Chakra Mist can be used as a yoga mat cleaner or chakra mist as well as a room spray - not for toning due to castile soap content. 

Conscious Culture is a Perth based creator of all natural, locally sourced, organic, toxin free, plastic free, chemical free body, bath & cleaning products, supplied in reusable containers