White-Water Bead Bud Vase Tall

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The Angus & Celeste White-Water Bead Bud Vases are highly crafted in our signature 'reticulated glaze'. The unique domed opening allows you to arrange bunches with ease. Only a few stems are needed to create a delicate display. Enjoy each Bud Vase as a stand-alone object or group together to create a still life arrangement. Available in both 'Tall' and 'Short' designs to suit all interior spaces, such as bedside tables, sideboards and coffee tables. The 'White-Water' Bead glaze resembles tiny water droplets beading onto a crisp high-fired clay body. The textured surface has an incredibly tactile quality and feels great to touch. The subtle, earthy ceramic is contrasted with the crisp white glaze providing a neutral palette that won't compete with flowers of all colours! Each vessel looks equally as impressive when styled with small findings from your garden, walking adventures or treasures found at your favourite florist. The glaze inside makes cleaning a breeze! The lightweight durable stoneware allows you to effortlessly pick up, reposition and refill whenever you please.


Dimensions: 19.50 x 9.00 cm (H x W)
Weight: 0.35 kg