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Our woven floor cushions are a great accessory to any space.

Made to complement Hendeer picnic rugs, they can also be used independently to add interest to your lounge room, bedroom or picnic set up or as an outdoor cushion, floor seating and even a pet bed (however please note that they are woven and may get pulls with sharp objects).

  • Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 15cm
  • Woven from a blend of cotton and recycled polyester in the same material/yarn as our picnic rugs
  • It has a zip on the underside around 3 sides of the base for ease of filling.
  • This is the cover only, you can purchase the insert separately on our website


** we recommend a 60x60x18cm insert. However, you can use a combination of old clothes, rags, towels, sheets, etc to fill them, or even foam offcuts, plastic bags to reduce landfill and bean bag filling.

***This item is made from an actual picnic rug/throw, so each floor cushion pattern is unique depending on the position of the rug when assembling.

Nina, Angela & The Hendeer Family are an Australian Lifestyle Brand with a vision to create striking pieces that will enhance your life! Combining minimalism, warmth and colour resulting in striking, timeless pieces, while not forgetting texture to add more layers of visual interest to any piece.