Bright yellow Mother SPF suncream bottle on canvas Mother SPF bags. SPF 30 written on bottle.
the indi life reusable coffee cups. Five glass reusable coffee cups, wrapped in pastel shades of silicone, with silicone lid. Sitting on rattan table. Large feather in background.
Girls bedhead hat, posie print. white background with pink and blue flowers. Other bedhead hats in background, in chambray and grace print.
Handmade paper flowers. Everlasting handmade paper flowers in different shades of pink. Handmade paper acacia or wattle flowers, yellow colour with green foliage.

Summer favourties

summer favourites

Summer favourites

summer favourites

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The Dust Merchant. Kellerberrin, Wheatbelt, WA. Three women walking through  wheatbelt scenery. Handmade, local products, toys, giftware, homewares.
Girl running through dry grass with a Rainbow Lace handmade doll in hand.
woman carrying young child through Wheatbelt scenery. Wearing a linen top with flowing skirt. Gives an aura of whimsical times.
Boy ranning through dry grass holding a handmade wooden toy truck in one hand and a stick in the other. Gives a feeling of freedom and a carefree childhood.